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Lying Hypocrite In Maricopa County Arizona
Sheriff Hates America But Flies An American Flag

(Jay Lesseig says...)
Freedom of speech makes it much easier to spot the idiots.

For evidence see my blog:

Common Sense Junction

- Terri Schiavo Case, Inside Story
A qualified attorney's unemotional analysis:
what happened, and what's wrong.

- Terri Schiavo Case, Zogby Poll Results
- Karen Ann Quinlan, A Different Story

There are millions and millions who ignored the facts of the Terri Schiavo case yet eagerly rendered opinions of, "yes, she should be killed." That's the saddest part; the damage to America's soul. .... Frank Laughter -- (Story)

Best Book Selections

The Supremacists By Phyllis Schlafly - (excerpt)
(Before an armed rebellion becomes necessary.)

Men in Black By Mark Levin
(Reviewed By David Limbaugh)

Amazon links are for convenience. There may be better sources.

Schadenfreude (Blog)
Reality From Iraqi

:: Army SSG Daniel Felten explains life in Iraq, to a jerk;

:: And then he thanks Americans for their support.

:: But, thank YOU Sergeant, for telling it like it is

and thank you for your service.

:: More from Iraq in: The Mudville Gazette

Here's what's wrong in the schools.
Shameless In Seattle

Little Green Footballs blog
is monitoring and reproducing responses.

Newspaper Account of why
Marine Lt. Ilario Pantano needs help!

:: Status Of Social Security Reform

:: JB Williams, Feb. 8, 2005

What's with Massachusetts?

:: Scott Ott: Author of Axis of Weasels reports
Kennedy: "U.S. Troops Restrict Al Qaeda Civil Rights"

:: Fighting Terrorism with Empathy…
A Model For Peace? — Asininity At Augsburg.

:: Interrogatory — Men in Black
Mark R. Levin, on the Courts
(President of the Landmark Legal Foundation)

:: Iraqis put freedom before fear
60% vote despite fears --
A finger in the eye of terrorism: 'Iraq is not Spain'

:: Its About Damn Time!
Bush proposes increase in troop's death benefits.
(Proposal: From $12,420 to $250,000.)

Troubles At CNN

:: CNN's Head-Honcho Slimes Troops (02/09/05a):
Eason Jordan: "U.S. troops targeted journalist"
Now he's unavailable and CNN refuses questions!

:: Not Available? He's Gone, Gone, Gone (02/11/05p)

Eason Jordan Resigns.... leaves CNN after 23 years.

:: MSM AND THE "LYNCH MOB" MEME (02/14/05)

Michelle Malkin

:: AOL Censors U.S. Web Sites But Allows Their
Overseas Sites To Spew Anti-American Hatred

:: How Did A Fascist Get On Campus?
Is Ward Churchill's Fascism Acceptable?
Naturally, He Refuses To Apologize;
Have The Brownshirts Been Reincarnated?

:: ScrappleFace: "News Fairly UNBalanced"
Dems to Stage Spontaneous Hug of Their Own

:: ScrappleFace: "We Report, You Decipher"
Iraqi Voting Disrupts News Reports of Bombings

:: Cable News Nazis? Ted Turner: Fox News is like Hitler
"Ted is understandably bitter having lost his ratings,
his network, and now his mind,"
said a Fox News spokesperson. "We wish him well."
:: Now Comes CNN's Head Honcho, Eason Jordon:
Michelle Malkin Reports:
That Eason Told A Conference in Europe:
[in Iraq] "there was deliberate targeting of
journalists by the U.S. military."
Jim Geraghty at NRO is also on this trail.
But Eason seems to be hiding and the
main-stream media is trying to ignore the story.

:: The Scotsman reports from Paris,
on an outbreak of ennui.

:: Condoleezza Rice confirmed by Senate 85-13,
but Democrats nip at her ankles.
Is Barbara Boxer worried? After all, Condi's from Calif.

:: On Robert Byrd's (D-WVa.) Opposition
"…, the sight of an old Klansman blocking a little colored girl from Birmingham from getting into her office contributed to the general retro vibe that hangs around the Democratic Party these days." — Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times

:: Freedom over Cynicism

Bush and the Iraqis get it. Peggy Noonan doesn’t.

:: There they go again:
Following election 2000, hardcore racist Mary Frances Berry, Chairperson of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR), gathered up the Commission and hurried off to Florida to take advantage of the hullabaloo created by the state's tie vote in the presidential race. The Commission set up shop in Tallahassee and proceeded to put on a show for TV (C-SPAN) that deserves an Oscar for Creative B---S---.
Now, another racist, congressman John Conyers of Michigan, has rounded up the usual suspects (the USCCR, Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Robert Wexler (D-Fla.), and others) for a new assualt on human intelligence. Proposals from their first meeting -->>>

:: Who is Progressive? Who is Libertine?

  • Oxymoronic terms:
    "Progressive Democrat" OR "Libertarian Republican"
    » FACTS «
  • Progressives are Neosocialist — Democrats are not Socialist
  • Libertarians are Libertine — Republicans are not Libertine
    Worse Case: libertarian-neosocialist
    Progressives and Libertarians are STEALTH politicians:
    Progressives hide out in the Democrat's Party;
    Libertarians pretend to be Republicans.

    :: Amidst Rudeness, Incivility, and Arrogance
    Condoleezza Rice's nomination went to the Senate floor but a bitter John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, Joe Biden, et al, demonstrated that as exemplars of the Senate's libertine-neosocialists, they had lost their political equilibrium.
    :: Did Barbara Boxer READ the resolution that Kerry voted for
    before he voted against it, …or is she factually challenged?
    Can only Libertine-Neosocialist become victims?

    :: Catholics accused of holding 'macabre ritual'
    with fetus funeral.

    :: Nabbed: Election Day Tire Slashers,
    sons of prominent Milwaukee politicians

    :: Vietnam Veterans Celebrate Kerry's Defeat
    Democrats; Republicans; attend "un-augural" reception
    Veteran coalition: "Kerry Lied, Good Men Died."

    :: In The Style Of John Kerry
  • Harry Reid supported Justice Clarence Thomas
    …before he voted against him.
  • Will Reid follow Ted Kennedy off a cliff, ala Tom Daschle?
    :: Investigative reporting at ABC News
    The Ideal Time For A (Certain) Funeral?

    :: Are THEY Elitist And Don't Know It?
    Maybe THEY're just real smart…

    :: The Real Engine of Blue America;
    "…no such thing as a Blue state"

    :: What Would We Do Without Canadians? —
    [From: Best Of The Web Today, By James Taranto --
    headline, Globe and Mail (Toronto), Jan. 24, 2005
    "UN Could Slide Into Irrelevance, Canadian Warns"

    :: Staples Inc., knuckles to hate-Bush groups: pulls TV ads,
    Wants To Staple Your Mind

    :: CBS-Rathergate-Memogate probe:
    "…myopic zeal … no political bias."
    | Panel's Conclusions | Full Report |

    Who Will Investigate the Panel?

    :: A political party is dying… [hopefully?]

    :: For French elites, … Bush is signal of fascism in America
    Frenchman to friend: Because of the savagery of the society, because of its economic individualism that leads to terrible criminality "…don't go … you may not come back alive." [Recent advice? No, that was 1931 … but what has changed?]

  • A Moment With Ashley

    Terrorist's Second Front
  • To help racist John Conyer's anti-whites project, author and professor (U. of Wisc., Madison) Frances Fox Piven showed up on C-SPAN2 Book-tv ranting and raving in a manner that would have made Vladimir Lenin proud. She said that armed revolution was appropriate to assure that Democrats win all future elections. [She said that the method used to get rid of George III could be used on George W.] Piven agreed with her comrades in the Conyers cabal, that only "non-partisans" should run elections, but like Conyers &c., she didn't tell us which planets we might explore to find such odd creatures.

    Cookies On Campus? That's Affirmative…

    Yo, Rep. Sensenbrenner, while we have your attention…
  • Guiding Principles for Driver's License Reforms

    New Minority Leader: Silence Is "Brilliant"
  • Harry Reid's Foot in a Hillside Milk Bucket

    Tsunami victims relief effort…
  • Salute to U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln

    Tsunami Survivor Extraordinaire
    Tsunami Survivor, Jan. 9

    Socialist Are Very Unhappy
    Dodging Bullets Is Hard To Do

    I Told You Dem Dems Would Win:
    Democrat Finally Wins, Final re-re-re-re-count

    When Should Politicians Avoid TV?:
    When They're Not Progressives, of course
  • Thoughts of Progressive Democrats

    Retailers Playing Politics
  • Target Stores Banished From Our Shopping List
  • Staples Inc., Wants To Control Your Mind;
    -- Anti-Bush Company Pulls TV Ads

    Why Americans Hate Democrats-A Dialogue: By Jane Smiley
  • The unteachable ignorance of the red states

    AT WAR
    What the media got wrong
    about Spc. Wilson and Secretary Rumsfeld

    Mr. Guardiano is an Arlington, Va.-based journalist who served in Iraq in 2003
    as a field radio operator with the U.S. Marine Corps' Fourth Civil Affairs Group.

    Questioner Wrong About Unit's Armor
    BY CARL LIMBACHER, NewsMax.com
    Duncan Hunter's Gun Truck
    One reason for the Iraq armor shortage

    Features From Election 2004
  • "Don't Arrest Kerry"
  • Fahrenheit 9/11 (Ed Koch)
  • Kerry Political Timeline
  • The BIG Lie Campaign
  • John Kerry & Vietnam
  • John Kerry, 1970
  • John Kerry, 1971
  • Kerry as Comm-in-Chief?
  • Teresa Heinz (Kerry?)
  • J.Kerry/Swift Boats

    Critical Condition: How Health Care in America Became Big Business--
    and Bad Medicine

    Free Skype Telephony
  • Social Security Reform

    :: Frist: Vote may be delayed

    :: Social Security Tax System is Upside Down

    Why start SS taxes at $1 and end at $90,000?
    "Why is system upside down?" Ask Congress

    :: Why Borrow Trillion$ ? Is This The Way Out?
    :: The Heritage Foundation, That Won't Fix It!

    Figures don't lie, but liars sure can figure!
    We NEED A Debate On The Whole Enchilada!

    :: We're Waiting. NYT columnist Paul Krugman:

    He made a promise, but 2 months later...

    :: Idea Worked, in 1935: Does It Works Now?
    :: Trust Fund Sits in Drawer: $8 bil In Each Folder?

    :: FDR on Individual Accounts: Original Plan
    :: Cato/Zogby poll:

    Most People Prefer Individual Accounts

    :: Reform: Saving the System, Saving Grace

    What's Wrong With This Plan?

    :: Dat System Dat Dem Dems Say Won't Work

    Is Working in Texaswith reservations.

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