The maps in this section show progressive population expansion patterns in the U.S. for the years indicated in the date menu on the left. Populations are suggested by boundry line indicators reflecting state and county development as new settlements implemented law, order, and organized government. Some maps show official U.S. territories and others, indicated by various shades of gray, reflect Native American population densities.

A good example is the map for 1790... Just after independence but before adoption of the Constitution. That map shows the population densities of American settlers (Colonists), Native Americans, the Northwest Territory (which became Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan), lands still claimed by both America and Great Britain, lands farther west claimed by France, and lands to the south and southwest claimed by Spain. None of the major borders, (state/national) had been formally established at the time.

The maps should be of general assistence in genealogy research to show areas most densely populated at given points in time. However, county and state lines, when established, did not always reflect the time of incorporation and further research for those dates may be necessary.

To provide perspective and a sense of the changing patterns, a list of major historical events is provided with the maps.

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