U.S. Government
What kind of government is THAT?

By Frank Laughter

(Alexander Hamilton Is Winning)

The United States government is not an absolute or pure democracy. According to our Constitution, we have a representative democratic republic.

What's the difference? According to my Merriam-Webster:
  • Democracy — Government by the people; government in which the supreme power is retained by the people and exercised either directly (Ablsolute, or pure), or indirectly (representative).

  • Republic — A state in which the sovereign power resides in a certain body of the people (the electorate), and is exercised by representatives elected by, and responsible to, them.

  • Articles I and II of the Constitution are very explicit: We choose representatives and they make the rules that we live by until its time to choose again. Thank God we don't have to run down to the townhall, the statehouse, or the nation's capitol to decide every question.

    There are near-pure democracies in the world. Off the top of my head I think of Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, Chile and California. (Inching its way toward the same sad condition is North Carolina.) Personally, I prefer not to live any place with a pure democracy. I like a little order in my daily life. I want my representative to set the speed limit on the roads and if I don't like the numbers I vote against him/her in the next election.

    Look at California: Its out of control because the representatives (legislators) have discovered that they don't have to do anything. Every question that arises is put on the next ballot, letting law makers off the hook. If a plan goes bad, its the people's fault, and the representatives get re-elected because they didn't do anything wrong.

    Notice in the opening sentence I didn't say we have achieved a representative democratic republic. I said that our Constitution prescribed such a system. Our representatives have manipulated the system into such a sorry state that we now have an un-named, unmanageable federal system. The people blame the president (Clinton, Bush, or whoever) for everything that goes wrong when in fact, most of the time, its the fault of Congress.

    If responsibility is to be assigned for 9.11, its not to Clinton, Bush, or the CIA. In the 1970s, President Carter's buddy from the Navy, Stansfield Turner, took over the CIA and worked with Senator Frank Church and other liberal whackos to gut the agency. When 9.11 happened 20+ years later, everybody rushed to blame Clinton, Bush, or the CIA. Congress has sat by for three years and watched the whole thing with amusement. Not one member of Congress has lost his/her job over their screw up.

    Look at the recent mess over the pursuit and imprisonment of terrorist. Congress failed to meet its Constitutional mandate and declare war on the terrorist. Now, exactly as I predicted on Sept. 14, 2001, liberal whackos and the internationalist have melded into a formidable force to manipulate the "war on terrorism" into a mundane criminal matter.

    Alexander Hamilton wanted a pure, simple federalist system of governemnt. He did't see a need for state governments, or even county governments for that matter. He envisioned a system where the masses turned out on occasion to elect a few federal officials who in turn would make and administer all laws, from soup to nuts. — Thanks to voter apathy, we're almost there.

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