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 Albert Stanley Hoppert (aka Steve Harper)

Posted January 11, 2013

Steve Harper of California: ***

Frank: I was born in Wewoka, Oklahoma in 1931 to Carl [R. Hoppert] and Essie Laughter Hoppert. Having "disappeared" from my family at an early age has caused a vacuum in my memory and in my heart about my genealogy. So I am very grateful at this late stage to have run across your very informative history of the Laughters - Lawters, and hope I can give some additional information regarding Essie Laughter Hoppert.

Essie Laughter married Carl R. Hoppert and they had four children.

My sister, Elwanda Hoppert was born on January 7th, 1925 in Wewoka, Oklahoma. She married Edward Kramer in Ft. Smith Arkansas and they moved with the whole of our family to El Monte, California in 1949.

Elwanda and Edward had six children. The first born were twins who died at birth. Next came Karen, then David, and another set of girl twins, and unfortunately, I have forgotten their names. All were born in Hawthorne, California. My name is Albert Stanley Hoppert. I was born in Wewoka, Oklahoma in 1931. I served in the Army during the Korean War. I changed my name to Steve Harper in 1959 and have been known by that name ever since except for correspondence from the Veterans Administration.

Two years after I was born, the family moved to Nail, Arkansas where many of the Laughter family lived, including Washington and Mary Laughter. Many of the Laughter family are buried at the Swain cemetery in Nail, including Washington and Mary and my aunt, Dovie Laughter Simmons and her husband Eddie.

My mother, Essie and father Carl had twins, Roy and Troy Hoppert in 1935 or 1936. My father Carl died in the 1950s and My mother Essie died in the 1960s, Troy died in the 1970's if I recall. Elwanda died in the 1980's. Roy Hoppert is married to Colleen and they live in Montana.

I have lived in California for the past 14 years and Roy and I are the last of our immediate family. I will be 82 on January 24th, 2013.

Below is a Web site where you can find out a little bit more about me, my work, as well as who I am if you click on the "about" and "Profile" buttons. The site has little to do with our genealogy:

I have attached two pictures of myself taken roughly 50 years apart. I know in advance that I have very few pictures of my family members but will go through my files to see if I can find them, and if I do, I will forward them to you.

Thank you very much for maintaining this excellent family genealogy. It has filled my heart.

Steve Harper (born as Albert Stanley Hoppert)

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